American Voice for Freedom is a non-profit 501(c)(4).
We Hold the following principals true and dear:

High tax rates encourage tax evasion and outsourcing of jobs.

Raising taxes will not alter the rate at which the earth’s climate is changing.

Certificate of need regulations protect monopolies and artificially inflate the cost of healthcare.

Regulations that bar insurance providers from competing across state lines protect monopolies and artificially inflate insurance prices.

Regulations that bar the importation of prescription drugs and prevent patients from opting to participate in experimental treatments protect monopolies and artificially inflate the price of medicine.

Regulations that impede companies like Uber and Airbnb from operating protect monopolies and artificially inflate the cost of transportation and lodging.

Land use regulations and ecological designations are promulgated in a way that makes it easy for public officials to extort investors and seize private property.

Regulations that allow public housing units (that otherwise could have been used to house low-income families) to continue to be occupied by over-income families encourage waste, fraud, and abuse.

In a free society, immunity is waived for all Constitutional and intentional torts committed by government officials.

The Second Amendment guarantees the right of individuals to possess firearms suitable for defense against a hostile foreign or domestic government.

The Fourteenth Amendment requires all states to recognize a concealed-carry permit lawfully issued by a person’s state of residence.

Police-involved killings must be investigated by a special independent prosecutor.

Robert Jordan v. City of New London and Keith Harrigan must be overturned in order to reduce incidents of police misconduct and deprivations of civil rights.

The Fourth Amendment requires law enforcement officials accessing SIGINT (or related databases) to have a warrant.

No person should be deprived of life, liberty, or their ability to pursue happiness – without being afforded maximum due process.

Marijuana prohibition should end.

No worker should be required to make monetary payments to a labor union or other organization as a condition of employment.

No person should be compelled or coerced by the government to purchase a product or service they do not desire.

Charter school students outperform union-controlled public school students because educators and administrators are held accountable for poor performance and misconduct.

All parents, regardless of race, origin, or family income, should be free to choose a learning environment for their children—public or private, near or far, religious or secular—that works best for them.

The Constitution was created to limit the power of government over the People, not expand it.

Exemptions to Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, and Government in Sunshine Act must be eliminated in order to ensure government transparency and accountability.

In order to ensure the integrity of elections – it is necessary to require the photo identification of a voter attempting to influence the outcome of an election.

FBI and ODNI should certify to USCIS that no derogatory information exists before applications from foreign workers, foreign students, and immigrants are granted.

Public officials that promulgate sanctuary city policies proliferate human trafficking, drug trafficking, and child prostitution.

A well-funded military and intelligence community is necessary for the survival of the republic.

Foreign policy must be proactive, not reactive.